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Hudson Valley Midwifery
Hudson Valley Midwifery
Hudson Valley Midwifery
The Hudson Valley Midwifery Center in Kingston is closed.  If you are looking for a homebirth midwife or private practice GYN care please reach out to Susanrachel Condon or Susan Rannestad of River & Mountain Midwives.
If you'd like to continue care with Whitney Hall please call Health Quest Medical Practice to schedule with her.  

Midwife Provider Services

Primary Care


Midwives in NY State provide care for women across the lifespan. Hudson Valley Midwfiery is pleased to offer initial exams and school physicals for young women. We offer pre-conceptual and contraceptive counseling, care for common health complaints, laboratory tests, cancer screening, referrals for imaging and health maintenence during and beyond menopause. 



At your annual visit, expect comprehensive care. Hudson Valley Midwifery believes a woman is more than breasts and a pelvis. We review your history, perform a thorough physical exam and make a plan together. 

Midwives are your partners in family-centered, evidence-based care across the lifespan.

Maternity Care


The Midwifery Model of Care embraces an evidence-based, family centered approach to pregnancy, labor & birth, postpartum and lactation. 


Menopause is not an event; it is an experience which is different for each woman. We work with individuals before, during and after this important transition to educate, provide healthcare and plan for their unique needs.