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The Hudson Valley Midwifery Center in Kingston is closed.  If you are looking for a homebirth midwife or private practice GYN care please reach out to Susanrachel Condon or Susan Rannestad of River & Mountain Midwives.

If you'd like to continue care with Whitney Hall please call Health Quest Medical Practice to schedule with her.  


June 29, 2015

Midwives partner with local hospital for planned births

Midwives Rising

December 01, 2015

"When Rebecca and Zachary Lewis' baby, Noa Sage, was born in September, their experience combined the best of both worlds: home birth and hospital birth...."

Midwifery: Offering a Traditional Model of Care at Your Community Hospital

September 01, 2015


Midwives Offer Pregnant Women a Personal Connection

February 06, 2016

A look inside the Hudson Valley Midwifery Center

The Best of Both Worlds

July 01, 2016

Patients of the Family Birth Place get the comforts of home with the medical care of a hospital.  

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