Primary Care

Should you use a midwife as your PCP?

NYS Licensed Midwives are educated as primary health care practitioners for women from the premenarcheal through the postmenopausal phase.  Midwives fill a very important role for women of all ages.  You do not have to be pregnant to have a midwife!  Evidence suggests that women, if given a choice, prefer a female practitioner over that of a male for their intimate healthcare needs. As a predominantly female group, midwives are an excellent source of qualified providers for women.  Midwives are proud of the gentle vaginal and speculum exams they are able to perform, the conscientious cancer screening, and the best evidence based advice for maintaining health throughout a woman’s lifespan.

Midwives provide care in the context of cultural, socioeconomic, and psychological factors that influence the health status of woman.  They are our peers, and as such relate to women, fit into her community, share her values, and emulate good health behavior.  Midwives are ideal providers of health promotion services for women because their entire philosophy of care centers on the promotion of women's health throughout the lifecycle.  The cost effectiveness of midwives as primary healthcare providers is well known as most research confirms that primary care midwives achieve patient outcomes equal to or better than their physician counterparts, and do so at a lower cost.


Think of your midwife for:

  • Comprehensive Annual Exams- with or without pap

  • Annual Cancer Screening

  • Pre-Conceptual Counseling

  • Contraceptive Counseling and Prescribing

  • Monitoring chronic health conditions such as anemia and hypertension

  • Acute Illness and Prescribing

  • Nutritional Guidance including weight loss

  • Health Education Talks

  • Referrals for imaging, medical specialists, and knowledgeable allied health providers in a plethora of healing traditions.

  • Smoking cessation and other addiction counseling.